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Finding a place to live is one of the biggest decisions faced by University students. CDU StudyStays provides a listing of accommodation vacancies around the Charles Darwin University campuses offered by private providers.

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The accommodation listed on this site, and the links to other websites, are not endorsed by, or offered by, the University. You must read and accept the full terms and conditions when registering to obtain provider contact information.

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Email accommodation.assistance@cdu.edu.au

Please note: We do not provide accommodation providers with advice on current rental market rates. If you would like some guidance with what to charge, please visit other real estate web pages for comparable property prices. 

All accommodation providers must abide by the terms and conditions of this website. You must read and accept the full terms and conditions when registering to be eligible to list your accommodation. 

Arriving in Darwin

If you are arriving in Darwin from interstate or overseas, make sure you have short-term accommodation booked (hotel, backpackers) prior to your arrival. This is to ensure your have sufficient time to inspect properties thoroughly before signing a tenancy agreement. 

As all listings are privately owned and managed, we strongly recommend the following: 

  • Do not sign any lease/contract for accommodation without first inspecting the property or understanding the terms. 
  • Do not pay deposits or send money before physically sighting a property or meeting the landlord.
  • Do not ask friends to secure accommodation before you arrive.
  • Do not pay money to someone you don't know.

For assistance please contact us: accommodation.assistance@cdu.edu.au

** Please note: Accommodation listed on this website has not been inspected by Charles Darwin University **